The mariology of saint Manuel González

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A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctorate of Sacred Theology with specialization in Marian Studies.


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The process for writing this treatise on the Mariology of Saint Manuel González García began with the writing of the licentiate thesis. In the beginning stages of research, it was uncertain as to whether there would be enough material in the primary sources for both a licentiate thesis

and a doctoral dissertation. Realizing early on the magnitude of Marian content in Saint Manuel’s writing, the focus for the licentiate thesis quickly narrowed with a strategy to pursue a dissertation on some aspect of the saint’s Mariology as well. Once the licentiate thesis was

completed, a proposal for the dissertation ensued. The proposal resulted in the current study. Additionally, until the completion of the aforementioned licentiate thesis, the writings of Saint Manuel were unknown in English-speaking academia. Research into the secondary literature also revealed that there has not been a comprehensive exposition of Saint Manuel’s Marian texts. It has been the primary aim of this researcher to systematically include every Marian text of Saint Manuel and place it into some category and then expound upon it in the various chapters. Following such a methodology involved not imposing upon the texts a category into which they should fit. This resulted in the chapters related to Saint Manuel’s rich Mariological insights with respect to the Eucharist and the title Madre sacerdotal. Thus, it is proposed that this effort provides a significant contribution to academia and one which will aid further Mariological research.

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